"I Will Not Trade Away The Earth"
by Jenny Weber and Lilia Letsch

Recently I collaborated on an artwork with my dear friend Jenny Weber, for the Weld Echo 2013 exhibition being held in Hobart, Tasmania (Feb 21-March 3). The exhibition is a fundraiser for grassroots forest defense campaigns in Tasmania.

Jenny wrote a powerful poem about her very personal experiences of being a forest activist in Tasmania - particularly a well known one who is often the target of rage from loggers and their families. We collaborated on ideas for how to lay the text out creatively, and I worked with one of the photos she supplied me of her at a forest action to create this end result. The piece sold on the opening night of the exhibition - to the leader of the Australian Greens!

I feel like the image really powerfully portrays the daily life of a forest activist in Tasmania - Jenny looks like she’s just going to work, with camera in one hand and a case in the other, but she’s surrounded by this really menacing environment and a logger looming over her. I think it says it all.